RGBW LED Flood/Blind/Strobe Light

The Q-7 POI is based on the versatile Q-7, featuring the same colors and effects, but has been optimized for permanent outdoor installations. With it’s 2,000 powerful RGBW LEDs, the Q-7 POI is ideal for coloring buildings, facades or structures, and can be used in any type of entertainment application and permanent outdoor installation. The Q-7 POI delivers high output, flicker-free operation and flashy, colorful strobe effects.

Because of its resilient IP66-rated housing, the Q-7 POI is virtually maintenance-free. An occasional wipe of the front lens is all it takes to prep the Q-7 POI for the next show. The simple, durable exterior of the Q-7 POI defends it from vandalism. Being fully RDM compatible makes it ideal for installation in non-accessible locations.

Q-7 POI characteristics:

  • 2,000 RGBW SMD LEDs in a 110° fixed wide beam
  • High-performance LED fixture with low power consumption
  • Suitable for multiple applications 
  • Versatile flood, blinder and strobe 
  • Built-in standalone mode


The Permanent Outdoor Installation (POI) range by SGM
Like the standards – only different

The Q-7 POI is part of a range of IP66-rated lighting fixtures for permanent outdoor installations, in both entertainment and architectural applications. The POI fixtures are based on the familiar standard fixtures – with the same optical performance and electrical components, but optimized for permanent outdoor installations. They feature extremely bright and powerful colors and a resilient housing to protect them in outdoor environments. Engineered to endure even the most extreme weather conditions, the POIs take on rainy days, icy winters, dusty winds, extreme heat and salty sprays of seawater – eliminating the need to shield off the fixtures to protect them from the elements.

All POI fixtures come standard with a 5 year warranty. A patented dehumidification processor prevents condensation, which in turn prevents corrosion and ultimately prolongs the lifespan of the electronic components. This technology makes SGM the only true manufacturer of permanent outdoor LED installation products.

With the A-4 RM ArtNet to DMX converter, the POI fixtures become remotely accessible, allowing you to program your show from a remote location, upload it and schedule it on site. If connected to the internet, it works as a remote monitoring device to notify the service provider of any problems in the fixtures.

Customization is part of the POI philosophy. The POI fixtures are available in white and black, as well as an array of custom RAL colors, to accommodate the requirements and high aesthetic standards of architects and designers.

Common for all POI fixtures: 

  • Corrosion class C5-M (marine) for coastal and offshore areas with high salinity
  • Maintenance-free
  • Patented dehumidification processor
  • 5 year warranty
  • IP66-rating

    Please email us for any specification sheet or IES file that is not available online: 


IP66 RoHS CE ETL Eco Friendly


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