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Capital Day Celebration

Capital Day Celebration

Astana city celebrated its 21st anniversary as Kazakhstan’s capital on July 6th with an abundance of festivities. Announced as the new capital by the Kazakh President in 1994 to later receiving the title “City of Peace” by UNESCO in 1999, Astana has become an architectural gem and a symbol of the achievements of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the years of its independence. 

The Astana Day is a beautiful celebration attracting more than hundred thousands of visitors as a culmination of week-long festivities. This day recognizes Astana’s growth from a provincial city to a 21st century regional hub of Central Asia, and with the attendance of high profile politicians such as the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kirgistan, Almazbek Atambayev and the former President of Turkey, Abdulla Gjulem, as well as world famous artists, opera and ballet performers it is a bright and cheerful event. 

At the Esil River harbour with the impressive central bridge in the background, a remarkable evening water show concluded the celebration. Lighting up the fountains were 50 P-5 wash lights from SGM selected for their full-colour RGBW output, high intensity and IP65 rating making it possible at all to operate in the wet environment without dome protection. The multiple colour usage in the lighting design clearly emphasized the joy of the happening, while the low profile of the luminaires ensured full focus on the show. 

Moscow-based company Orion Art and Aqua Show were commissioned with this large-scale project, handling all from light design over pyrotechnic and laser effects to aerial firework show. 

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