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Christ Light, Art Deco Statue

Christ Light, Art Deco Statue

In Southern Brazil at the coast of Santa Catarina you find one of the world’s largest Art Deco statues at the top of Morro de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross). 

With its 33 metres in height (including the pedestal) and 22 metres width from fingertips to fingertips, the task of lighting this majestic tourist attraction at first seemed less than straightforward. However, with just 6 powerful and bright P-5 wash lights, featuring 44 high power 10W RGBW LEDs per unit, the installation was rendered possible.

The RGBW LED source is brought to use in a beautiful symbolism, as each day of the week a predominant colour demonstrates a symbolic representation for the statue, which in general is known worldwide as a symbol of peace.

Daily illumination the grand statue in the evening hours is provided by the use of merely 6 fixtures, without compromising the colour extravaganza. 

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