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Fluxus Variation

Fluxus Variation

During the winter months, from December 2014 to February 2015, LIGHTLAB’s installation called FLUXUS variation was to be found on the banks of River Seine for the appreciation of the many passers-by in the dark evening hours.

The designers from LIGHTLAB were looking for a solution evoking a permanent vertical flow, to create a unique ‘city life’ impression. They introduced rental company, Lumière et Son, who last year brought the Hermès flagship store at Champs Elysées to life during Christmas using LB-100 LED Balls from SGM. Their suggestion to create a 3D graphic volume to inspire city movements was met with great enthusiasm by the client. 

Alexandre Lebrun, director of LIGHTLAB, explains:“The intention of this work was to translate and to re-transcribe the various types of flow of our environment”, he says. “LIGHTLAB developed 3 scenarios of lights being inspired by the notion of flow; human flows – traffic, attendance and population but also the environmental and ecological flows - interminable pollution and wind, which surrounds us. These flows are translated by 3D animations using every LED as a pixel of image.”

Lumière et Son prepared a full set-up consisting of pre-drilled wood risers to vertically mount 108 SGM LT-200, 2-metre LED tubes, in a 12 by 9 metre matrix, hiding all cabling and Art-Net drivers underneath. The matrix was positioned onto a ground mirror to extend the dimension and depth of the display. 

Each of the 3D tubes contain 54 LEDs on both sides, thus, a total of 11,664 bright points formed the tridimensional quadrangle which quickly became an attraction in Paris. 

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