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Ishøj town centre building

Ishøj town centre building

As part of the urban regeneration of the city of Ishøj, 6 SixPack blinders and 11 P-5 wash lights now illuminate the town centre building.

Frederik W. Borello, Electrical and Lighting Engineer from ÅF Lighting, who is responsible for the design and project planning, explains: “The building’s façades are approx. 35 metres high and built in red bricks. The difference in the base construction of each façade rendered it impossible to place all fixtures alike, hence we have gone to lengths to find the optimal placement so that the illumination appears similar from either viewing angle despite the height of the building.”

The P-5 fixtures have been specified with different spread angles (15˚/21˚/43˚) to ensure the even light distribution, at the same time avoiding light spill onto the adjoining façades.

For one of the façades it was necessary to mount the fixtures onto masts to obtain even light distribution, hence special aluminium luminaire arms were produced; SGM therefore customised some of the fixtures in the same aluminum look to match the surface of the masts and create an overall aesthetic appearance.

“We place high demands on the quality and design of lighting technology as well as technical features such as efficacy (lm/W), enclosure (IP rating) and last but not least of course the pricing.” The SGM SixPack blinder and P-5 wash light proved to be the most ideal lighting fixtures for the task and Frederik describes them as easy to integrate into their architecture due to their high IP rating, powerful multicolour LEDs and their compact and minimalistic design.

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