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Litomyšl Castle

Renaissance castle dressed in colors and patterns for International Opera Festival

International opera festival Smetanova Litomyšl is the second oldest music festival as well as the biggest classical “open air” music festival organized in the Czech Republic. Every year, the event is located at the Litomyšl Castle – an impressive renaissance building figuring on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Czech SGM distributor, Dancefloor, under the management of Klemenc Libor, was responsible for the festival’s outdoor light setup. To ensure a visual wow effect of the castle after dark, Dancefloor had no doubt that SGM’s LED fixtures for the project as they complied to the strict criterias needed such as:

  • High luminosity
  • Wide radiation angle 
  • Coverage 
  • IP65-rating for outdoor use
  • Wireless control 
  • Compactness and lightness of the devices 
  • Original gobos for mapping
  • High-scope zoom
  • Completely identical and deep colours of all devices
  • Flicker-free operation 

They ended up choosing eight P-5 wash lights and four G-Spot moving heads to achieve the desired result. Klemenc Libor from Dancefloor, stated: 

“We were honoured to supply the architectonic illumination of this unique monument, which with its scope and location really calls for quality illumination.” 

The result was absolutely majestic and almost fairytale-like. The Vice Mayor of Litomyšl town, Michal Kortyš, who was the patron of the project, shared his thoughts about the landmark of his town in this new and colorful display: 
“The illuminated castle was a completely breathtaking sight. The light design emphasised the character of the monument. I had no idea the solution by Dancefloor, utilizing the SGM lights, would be so spectacular and perfect.” 

Libor added a final comment: “I am also proud that we are able to use great products like the G-Spot – a unique and spectacular fixture by SGM.”


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