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Ooredoo exhibition stand

Ooredoo exhibition stand

At the Mobile World Congress, a special design was made for the stand of one of the leading international communications companies, Ooredoo.

The LT-100 graphic tubes were used for a 360 degree decorative main feature chandelier allowing for colour-changing and low-res media. The concentric circle design of the LT-100 was suspended from a 3m black disc with each LED tube in different height. A suitable box truss was used to carry and conceal all power supplies and cables, allowing for the tubes to be raised and lowered independently of the main truss, which however proved unnecessary due to the reliable SGM extension cables.

The 3D LT-100 tubes measure one meter and are loaded with RGB LEDs at a pixel pitch of 35mm. They can be driven by the ILD or by the TLD-612A (both capable of driving 6 pcs. LT-100).

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