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Park der Gärten

Mystic Nights: Park comes to life at night with aid from SGM

The Mystic Nights has been a recurring event in the German botanical garden, Park der Gärten, in Bad Zwischenahn (DE) for ten years. Ever since the event’s inception, the rental company Active Blue has been the technical supplier and rigger.

This year, the event took place from September 9th-11th with the theme being Metamorphosis. In collaboration with the Bremen-based event agency Latanza Event & Design, Active Blue’s assignment was to create a different and unforgettable night for the visitors, illuminating artistic objects, trees, shrubs and unique flowers. To achieve this goal, they made sure to take full advantage of their heavy stock of different SGM fixtures:

P-2 LED wash lights, 40 pcs.
P-5 LED wash lights, 30 pcs.
Q-7 LED flood blind strobe, 8 pcs.
LB-100 LED balls, 120 pcs. (strings)
TLD-612 A, 5 pcs.

Mario Küpker from Active Blue has been the Project Manager of lighting for Mystic Nights since 2013. He explains the main reason for choosing these LED fixtures from SGM:

"As it is an outdoor event, the setup had to endure an entire week outside regardless of weather conditions. Therefore, it was very important for us to deploy durable devices, suitable for outdoor use. The IP65-rated SGM portfolio matched these requirements perfectly. The whole thing went smoothly and without any technical difficulties whatsoever."

For the past three years, Active Blue has used SGM LED fixtures for the Mystic Nights event. According to Küpker, the park is very satisfied with the shift from conventional lighting to LED fixtures, as it equals a saving of more than 1,000 amperes on their electricity bill compared to the previous years. In addition to that, they are very inspired by the many color varieties the SGM’s LED fixtures have to offer.

"The P-5 wash light is the fixture, we have been waiting for for years”, Küpker underlines and continues: “It is not only suitable for outdoor use. Due to its lightweight construction, it is also qualified for architectural lighting or as staging front light due to its color blending capabilities. All in all a very successful product that we rely on for all our assignments."

Küpker points out the LB-100 LED balls combined with the TLD-612 A as their ultimate weapon: "No matter whether they are used as a background for a conference stage, TV production or public events, just plug and play – and the system runs!"

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