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Pope Francis’ visit to Brazil

Pope Francis’ visit to Brazil

Spectrun Design e Iluminação supplied all the equipment for the event on the Guaratiba stage. A 70m x 30m stage, which was originally built to receive approximately three million visitors — and prepared to transmit the festivities to the whole world — was illuminated by 66 P-5 LED wash lights and 40 SixPack blinders for perfect colour diversity and light output.

Marcos Olivio from Spectrun Design e Iluminação was challenged by the size of the stage and the emphasis to maintain an aesthetic display and he created a stage with numerous columns of various heights and sizes. The function of the P-5 was to illuminate these and they were especially selected for their IP rating to work flawlessly in the outdoor environment.

“The power and the colours are the key differentiators of these products [SixPack and P-5]. And after this experience in the heavy rain, also their IP65”, explains Olivio.

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