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The Danish Opera House

The Danish Opera House

The maintenance-free LED G-Spot moving head and the powerful P-5 wash light illuminates the Danish Opera House in multiple bright colours.

The powerful 850 watt RGBY LED source outperforms most 1500 watt discharge lamps and provides a virtually unlimited colour palette. Projecting from long distances, the fixture truly demonstrates its optical superiority with hard-edged, ultra crisp animations and a zoom range between 8 and 43 degrees (and pseudo zoom effect by the iris down to 1 degree), while the building is washed in beautiful colours by the popular P-5.

When utilized for the Opera House, the IP65 rated fixture was exposed to the cold and wet winter weather, which proved no challenge to this multi-environment moving head which includes a patented technology of an internal dehumidifier. The G-Spot is water, dirt and sand proof and eliminates build-up of e.g. dust or smoke fluid inside, making it the perfect all-round unit with the side-benefit of a low power consumption.

The low-profile and robust P-5 once again underlines its brightness produced by the 44 RGBW 10 watt LEDs.

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