Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice

Brazil’s national counterpart to the American network Nickelodeon, a cable and satellite TV channel, recently hosted its 14th consecutive award show Nickelodeon Kids Choice, Meus Prêmios Nick.

Lighting designer for Spectrun Design e Iluminação, Marcos Olivio, used 40 SixPack RGBA LED blinders, 120 LT-100 1-metre 3D graphic tubes and 144 strings LB-100 LED Balls. “The new products from SGM enable us to create a great diversity in our designs”, he comments. 

The production designer Ludmila Machado, who selected the LB-100 and LT-100 at an early stage, adds: “I like to incorporate the most creative products from SGM already in my early drafts”.  

With the intention of generating a dynamic, colourful and upbeat scenery for the show, Olivio selected the SGM equipment in order to create this environment. As the target audience is between 2 and 15 years old, it was important for him to be able to make a visual impression sufficiently appealing enough for them to stay tuned in on the activities on screen. And for that he developed an age-appropriate design with children’s preferences in mind.

The LT-100 LED tubes formed the frame of the LED screen with a gradient of 45 degrees and the LB-100 LED Balls were placed as curtain drops on the sides and the back of the stage. The SixPacks surrounded the entire edge above and on the sides of the stage, providing a multi-coloured effect.

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