Shrek The Musical

Giving increased realism to the friendly green ogre has been SGM’s new super-bright P-5 wash light.

Taking the popular Palco 5 as its design base, the low-profile rectangular, full-colour LED wash light, with interchangeable lenses, incorporates 44 high power RGBW 10W LEDs outputting a total of 23,666 lumens (at just 450W). This stretches the output-to-consumption envelope by providing an overall efficacy factor of 52 lumens per watt (channeled through lens options of 12°, 23° and 37°).

34 of the wash lights — 17 on the ground and 17 overhead – were incorporated into the set. The show lighting designer Marc Heinz explained: “I had to light five different backdrops — not only static light images but sunsets, sunrises and all kinds of effects. In many scenes the set was one of these backdrops.”

“I knew that with conventional cyclorama lights this would not have the impact I was looking for so I asked Marijn [account manager of rental company Focus Amsterdam] to see what LED fixtures we could use to achieve my goal. I was impressed by the output and the colours achievable with the SGM P-5, since in my opinion the look of a production should be luminous and bright. I felt this was the fixture to use and it looks like we were right, since it has proved to be a ‘show winner’.”

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