The Göteborg Opera

The Göteborg Opera has implemented the SGM P-5 technology in their lighting inventory. Production Lighting Manager Kent Hellberg explains: “Since I acquired the first P-5, every production in the house seems to want them.” 

Among other productions, the P-5s were deployed for the production of Mozart’s Le Nozze de Figaro by lighting designer Giuseppe di Lorio, the luminaires are washing the backdrop as an essential part of the opera. But Hellberg has other lighting designers also queuing up to utilise the P-5s. “Every lighting designer that I’ve shown the P-5 to has been impressed,” Hellberg confirms.

The P-5s have therefore been used for different projects — for instance for a dance company, where the Japanese choreographer wanted a strong even colour output; and that he certainly received, according to a smiling Hellberg, adding that the brightness of the saturated blue light, so appreciated by the choreographer, almost gave everyone a little overdose on the retina. Another lighting designer responded matter-of-factly to a demo with “How many can I have?” 

“The main reason for us to choose the P-5 was, and still is, its power and the ease of handling. I was amazed at the first glance of it and still haven't found any other product that can match the P-5 in output and uniformity. The P-5 is really the exact ‘tool’ we wanted with all the benefits of an LED fixture plus wireless DMX control,” Hellberg concludes. 

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