The Sanctary in Glasgow

No fewer than 730 LD-5 (LED Domes) were specified for use creatively on the club ceiling of the Glasgow city centre club The Sanctuary. Measuring just 80mm in outer diameter, up to 35 domes can be run in a single chain — and under the command of the Madrix sound activated effects generator and media server, the LD-5s created the dazzle for the dancefloor to set apart from other venues in the area.

Together with the two owners, Blinding Light installation company sourced a series of aluminium composite panels, in gloss black, each measuring 2m x 1m, which were laser pre-cut so that the LD-5’s would line up perfectly. Blinding Light installed, cabled and populated the Alupanels, which form an overall geometric measuring 10 LD-5’s wide and 73 long running the length of the ceiling — thus creating a compelling centerpiece.

Being sound activated, the effect is further animated using the waveform from the music being played by the DJ. Meanwhile, the LJ can choose circular FX pulsing from the centre, and other effects ranging from early evening subtle fading to the entire feature colour strobing. He can also use scrolling text control with the Madrix or even have chevron arrows zipping towards the DJ.

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