Moving Head Profile

For years, its use in professional stage lighting applications has candidated it as the leading moving head fixture in its class, as far as performance and inimitable light quality are concerned.

Used in the most important productions at world level, today it is still the favourite hot-strike 400W fixture, thanks to its luminous output (12,000 Lux at 5metres), reliability and silent running.

Giotto Spot 400 features motorized zoom (from 9° to 24°), electronic focus, CTO filters, Half CTO UV, linear iris and frost, 2 rotating prisms, a wheel fitted with 8 rotating gobos, 8 colour filters and an effects wheel.

Giotto Spot 400 is available in black, white and silver.


Pan/Tilt 540°/270° 8/16 bit
Automatic Pan/Tilt repositioning

Luminous source
MSR 400HR lamp (6.000°K)
Average lamp lifetime: 750 H
Hot restrike
Remote Lamp on/off via DMX
Lamp power reduction in the event of overheating
Lamp elapsed time and ignition counters
50% lamp power after 7 sec. with shutter or dimmer at 0

Motorized zoom 9°-24°
Motorized focus

Dynamic Effects
Dimmer Shutter Strope
Linear dimmer
Strobe 1-12 flashes per second, also with music sync.
Customizable colour wheel with 8 colours + white.
3,200°K colour conversion filter (full CTO)
4,000°K colour conversion filter (half CTO)
2-tone beams
Linear frost
Customizable effect wheel
Colour change in sync with music and/or with blackout.
Rainbow color
UV light
2 rotating prisms (4 facets and ‘Comet’)
Linear iris diaphragm

Electrical Specifications
Max consumption: 600 W
Power supply: universal 90/245V 50/60Hz
Electronic Ballast: universal 90/245V 50/60Hz
Automatic energy saving in the event of blackout use.

 Programming and Control
Settings via on-board microcomputer viewable on display.
Display “flip” function 180° rotation.
Adjustable display brightness.
Fixture running time counter.

(LxWxH): 68,1 x 36,5 x 41,2 cm
Weight: 28,5 Kg

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