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Flight Case for 4 pcs. of P-1

Flight Case for 4 pcs. of P-1

Item no. 82051009

This flight case is customized for transporting 4 pcs of P-1. It is a professional Amptown-Case with SIP (Super Impact Protection) Foam Insert. Besides the P-1s, it also has room for containing brackets/safety wires and power cables.

A safety function is built into the flight case ensuring that all output and display features of the P-1s are disabled while in the flight case, ensuring that the batteries will not discharge during transport or storage. 

Dimensions: L:63 cm x H:62 cm x W:60 cm / L:24.8 in x H:24.4 in x W:23.6 in 

Weight: 36 kg / 79 lbs.

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