G-4 W Wash-Beam

White Micro-Fresnel LED wash-beam light

The G-4 W Wash-Beam provides the lighting designer with a wide range of flexibility due to its retro Fresnel look and its highly contrasted radiant beam with adjustable zoom.

An interchangeable front lens kit allows for a quick transformation of the G-4 W Wash-Beam into a G-4 W Wash, thus expanding the flexibility of the luminaire even further.

As the rest of the G-4 series, the G-4 W Wash-Beam is a lightweight and compact high-power IP65-rated LED moving head. The Micro-Fresnel lens ensures a narrow zoom with harder edges on the beam – creating effects similar to those of a Plano-Convex (PC) lens, eliminating the light scatter, without compromising the high contrast ratio.

Unlike most conventional wash lights, the G-4 W Wash-Beam offers an extremely bright white light output resembling daylight with the option of obtaining a warm white temperature through its CTO filter. As such, the G-4 W Wash is highly suitable for multiple applications such as tradeshows and car show productions, retail, art studios, commercial application and corporate events or any other application where a high white output is desired.  

The 7,200K of the G-4 W Wash-Beam can help to compensate the indirect sunlight coming through the windows during tradeshow events. For other applications, it delivers an efficient cool white capable of reproducing the color palette of a car in a perfect manner, while adding a psychological and aggressive effect for promotion of luxury items, jewelry or mechanical products.

Equipped with a Micro-Fresnel lens, the optical system is designed to deliver a staggering white output for a fixture with such a small footprint while ensuring a completely even field without any hotspot. With this crisp optics combined with a narrow long-throw beam, the G-4 W Wash-Beam creates sharp beams of light for effect application but also wide and even light coverage for large areas.

Its extreme efficacy makes it possible for the user to obtain up to 19,581 lux at 5 meters through a small chassis of only 10kg (22 lbs). And with its stepless zoom range of 4.4°-34°, designers will be able to project tight adjustable beams and powerful washes in smooth zoom transitions.

While the low power consumption adds the advantages of plugging up to 15 G-4 W Wash-Beam units in one single 16A socket, the low weight adds great flexibility to any setup with lightweight trusses. At the same time, the aesthetic and elegant appearance of the luminaire eliminates the need to hide it from the audience.

The durable, IP65-rated exterior of G-4 W Wash-Beam and the built-in dehumidifier ensure that the fixture is kept free of externally induced impact on internal optics and light source unit, such as smoke fluid, dust and dirt. Thus, the G-4 W Wash-Beam is ideal for outdoor applications and at the same time it is practically maintenance-free making it a sustainable and long-lasting choice for indoor installations as well.

The G-4 W Wash-Beam is a DMX-controlled fixture with RDM protocol implemented for remote configuration, wireless control and monitoring. Built on a foundation of thoroughly tested technology, the G-4 W Wash-Beam is a robust and highly reliable moving head. 


G-4 W Wash-Beam characteristics:

  • Outstanding White LED (7,200K)
  • CTO filter (multiple options)
  • Crisp narrow beam down to 4.4°
  • High power LED light source
  • High-speed tilt and continuous pan
  • Smooth superb, stepless dimming
  • Extremely low noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Wireless control and configuration via RDM
  • 10 kg (22 lbs.)
  • Small and compact 
  • IP65-rated
  • Dehumidification 
  • Practically maintenance-free

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IP65 RoHS CE Eco Friendly CETL Pending

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