Moving Head Wash


The Giotto 400 series wouldn’t have been complete without a Wash fixture, a must whenever delicate uniform lighting is required. The advanced CYM colour mixing system.

Along with a linear CTO filter, enables absolutely any shade of colour to be obtained. A further 7-slot plus white colour wheel also gives the possibility of generating all the deepest colours.

Giotto Wash 400 features a built-in electronic beam shaper with two blades that can be moved from 0 to 180°, ideal in theatrical applications, for high-precision lighting of specific areas of the set.

Adjustable (15° to 30°) zoom, hot restrike and silent running complete Giotto Wash 400’s operating features.

Giotto Wash 400 is available in black, white and silver.


Pan/Tilt 540°/270° 8/16 bit
Automatic Pan/Tilt repositioning

Luminous source
MSR Gold 700 FastFit - 6.000°k
MSR Gold 700 FastFit – 7.500°k
Average lamp lifetime: 750 H
Fast restrike
Remote Lamp on/off via DMX
Lamp power reduction in the event of overheating
Lamp elapsed time and ignition counters
50% lamp power after 7 sec. with shutter or dimmer at 0

Motorized zoom 9°-18°
Motorized focus

Dynamic Effects
Linear dimmer
Strobe 1-12 flashes per second, also with music sync.
Advanced CMY colour mixing
Customizable colour wheel: 6 colours + white.
Linear CTO filter
Linear frost
2-tone beams
Colour change in sync with music and/or with blackout
Rainbow colour
UV light
1 rotating prism (4 facets)
Linear iris diaphragm

 Electrical Specifications
Power supply (universal 90/245V 50/60Hz)
Electronic Ballast
Max consumption: 1000 W

Programming and Control
Settings via on-board microcomputer viewable on display
Display “flip” function 180° rotation
Adjustable display brightness
Fixture running time counter

(HxLxD): 749x400x466cm
Weight: 37,6 Kg
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