Moving Mirror

Idea Scanner 250 has a 250W discharge lamps with ignition controlled from the desk, a customizable wheel with 6 rotating indexable gobos with adjustable rotation speed, adjustable “gobo shake” and a wheel with 8 colours.

Idea Scanner 250 has 8 preset programs and 48 programmable scenes, can be used in master or slave mode and has automatic pan and tilt re-positioning.



Pan/Tilt 180°/50°
8/16 bit resolution
Pan Tilt speed control
Automatic Pan Tilt repositioning

Luminous source
MSD250/2 lamp (6500°K)
Average lamp life 2.000 H
Remote lamp on/off via DMX
Compatible EMH 250W/SE/80

Orientation Any
Minimum distance between units Horizontal: 0mm, Vertical: 13mm

Electrical Specifications
Power supply (Elektric specification)
Power requirements:
AC 120/230V, 50/60 Hz

Dynamic Effects
Electronic focus
Dimmer Shutter Strope
Dimmer intensity from 0 to 100
Strobe 0-10 flash/second, strobe random.
Colour wheel: 8 colours + white
Rainbow effect
Adjustable rotation speed
Automatic operation master and slave
Sync with music
8 pre-built programs
48 programmable scenes
Colour or Gobo change with blackout
1 rotating indexing prism (3 facets)

Ambient Operating Conditions
Maximum ambient temperature (Ta) 40°C (104°F)
Minimum ambient temperature (Ta) -10°C (14°F)
Operating humidity 100%
IP rating IP 55

Programming and Control
DMX 512 input signal
14 DMX channels 16 bit
12 DMX channels 8 bit
Auto test all functions
Display the value of each DMX channel

(LxWxH): 73 x 34 x 24 cm
Weight: 22 Kg
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