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Dimmer Pack

Powerlight 612D is a 6-channel digital dimmer (12A), mounted in a sturdy metal 2U rack container.

All the controls and settings are accessible by means of the buttons on the front panel and can be monitored on the built-in display.

The on-board microcomputer controls a comprehensive series of functions (soft patch, channel mode, channel level, pre-heat, equalization curves, etc.).

Powerlight 612D was designed paying great attention to reliability and adopts avant-garde

technical solutions, including internal self-diagnosis, forced ventilation with air flow proportional to the temperature and a comprehensive series of protections: overheating, short-circuit, excessive voltage, incorrect connection.

Powerlight 612D can also be used without an external controller: in fact, it's possible to program 8 different chases with a maximum of 32 steps each.
On-board software can be upgraded via RS-232.

Powerlight 612D is available with a choice of 3 different connector panels: ILME 16, Cabur and Socapex.



6-channel digital dimmer, 12A per channel
7 equalization curves per channel
8 Programmable chases
Filter ramp time (peak to peak) 70 micro sec
DMX In and link-thru connectors 

Automatic frequency selection (50/60 Hz)
110-220V single phase 50/60Hz power supply
380V three phase 50/60hz power supply
Forced air ventilation (Variable)
Overheating protection
Phase connection control
Self-testing with indication of any irregularities

H 8,4 cm, L 44,2 cm, D 33 cm
Weight: 6Kg
SGM Light A/S · Sommervej 23 · 8210 Aarhus V · Denmark · Phone: +45 70 20 74 00 · E·mail: info@sgmlight.com