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Wireless DMX Controller - Item No. 80070235

With the user-friendly and intuitive interface of the SGM C-1 App, the opportunities to create vibrant and dynamic environments just became simple and straightforward.

The C-1 App offers a wireless DMX controller solution as a uniquely developed piece of software intended for Android and iOS giving the user a variety of control and programming possibilities related to the SGM P-1. The app is free for download in App Store and Google Play Store.

This tool gives the user the advantage of fully automated fixture setup, pre-programming several lighting scenes and controlling the luminaires remotely via wireless DMX. Features include full color and intensity control, fixture status monitoring, scene organization in play-back view, color presets savings in swatch book and much more.

To manage the lights, the C-1 Controller is required. The C-1 Controller is a battery driven unit, which operates via WiFi and wireless DMX ensuring a complete wireless solution. The battery can run up to 24 hours per charge. The C-1 Controller can also connect via mains power.

Using the C-1 solution, the user can easily and remotely prepare the light setting for any environment, grouping, naming and organizing light fixtures as preferred, and storing an unlimited amount of scenes. All personalized settings are saved in the C-1 Controller for the benefit of simultaneous control from multiple devices. 

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