Architectural lighting fixtures

SGM’s Architectural lighting fixtures are the perfect choice if you are looking for waterproof luminaires made specifically for Architectural lighting designs. Are you lost and looking for entertainment lighting solutions? Then click here for Entertainment Lights

Lighting products for Architecture


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The high quality IP66-rated POI luminaires give you reliability and peace of mind while wowing your audience, allowing them to appreciate the form and function of your building, monument, bridge, landscape, or whatever your project might be.

Our lighting products are, among others, used by architects, lighting designers, contractors, and builders.

Let yourself wander around in our universe of Architectural light. Here, you will find information about SGM’s Architectural light products, full product specifications along with information on how the products can help transform your vision into beautiful art.

For more inspiration, please visit our Project page, where you can read about previous light installations featuring our high-intensity and powerful lighting solutions.