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How do SGM fixtures keep themselves dry internally?

21 September 2018

SGM’s patented Dehumidifier, incorporated in the SGM product range, constantly (when connected to mains power) removes trapped hydrogen from inside of the lighting fixture in a solid state electrolytic process with no moving parts.

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  • by Ben Díaz

Deconstructing the G-4 & the S-4

20 September 2018

Create a powerful, yet compact wash fixture with interchangeable lenses and an efficient LED lightsource that is based on additive mixing. It should feature high-class color rendering in a lightweight construction, while keeping the irreplaceable fresnel optics and external cut of the barndoors. Meet the S-4 and the G-4.

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Little big guy

30 July 2018

The first thing I see when I come by my office in the morning is this little buddy. We have sold more than 100,000 units and it keeps selling. What the hell is going on with this fixture?

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Thermal Management - LEDs that work in any climate

11 December 2017

As heat negatively affects LEDs’ light output, good thermal management, or heat control, is vital for efficient, high-quality, and reliable LEDs.


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