Thermal Management

High power light-emitting diodes (LEDs) use up to 5,000 milliwatts or more in a single LED. However, most of the electricity in an LED turns into heat rather than light. In fact, about 70% becomes heat generation while only 30% becomes light. Therefore, in order to get more light from your LEDs, it is crucial to have efficient thermal management. Basically, if the heat is removed effectively, you have less wasted heat and, thus, more light. Besides getting more light from your LEDs, a better thermal management will leave you with more reliable LEDs in terms of both life time and color consistency.

At SGM, we know the importance of good thermal management and have therefore focused on this aspect in our advanced LED research. As a result, SGM products are known for their massive output, superior color quality, and great reliability.

At SGM, we are one of the frontrunners in LED technology, and we were one of the first companies to realize that even the shape of the fixture can help to improve the thermal performance of the entire fixture.

The rectangular shape of the SGM fixtures ensures an even thermal distribution of the heat generated in the individual LEDs, not only ensuring individual performance, but also ensuring even performance for all the LEDs, resulting in very powerful fixtures with perfect color match and color mix.

Correct thermal management maintains the LEDs’ efficiency, improves color consistency, and extends lifetime. In addition to our unique thermal management technology, we are able to limit the junction temperature of each individual LED to a level below the manufacturers’ recommended temperature. These two things combined ensures that the LEDs maintain the expected performance throughout, and in most cases surpass, the manufacturers’ specified lifetime.