This Little Guy

What makes a product succeed? So hard to tell. You may think it's price, but everybody can play with numbers. You may think it's quality, but spending money on the most outstanding components can only ensure reliability and accuracy. Is it the external design? Is it the marketing you use? Is it because of the influencers posting your product? Nobody knows, and that is the most beautiful challenge.

The first thing I see when I come by my office in the morning is this little buddy. We have sold more than 100,000 units and it keeps selling. What the hell is going on with this fixture? Is it because of the output, the shape, the heat management, the IP rating? Again, nobody knows. But this little buddy is such a standard in the stage lighting industry, that you don't even need to mention its name: everybody knows it's a P-5.

We, the lighting guys, are used to play with scientific concepts like luxes, lumen, efficiencies, power factors, voltage drops, color calibration systems or dimming curves. Sometimes we even play with more abstract ideas, like "warmth", "glow" or "presence". But we all know there is something we cannot measure: there are things we just feel. I guess this is exactly what people sees in the P-5: damn magic. You get a 43º beam angle coverage, with magic. You get powerful saturates, with magic. You get reliability, design, quality, but even most important, you get something the others can't do. When I travel, I try to experiment a bit with the lighting colleagues, asking strange questions for somebody who represents a manufacturer. Will they get rid of their old P-5s and try something else? "Hell NO" is the answer. "What else can give me the same performance?"

We chose to add 18 SGM P-5 fixtures because we wanted to use a quality LED fixture that was reliable, energy saving, and compact

-Tony Kennedy about the beautiful installation in Scotland 

Right after seeing my P-5 in the office's entrance, I switch on my laptop and I sit down with my tasks. First routine: let's have a look at the daily sales report. And then, this little buddy appears... Again. Right in the top; a tremendous success. Is it because of the magic?

Of course it is not the only successful unit in the market; we have seen Mac600, CityColor, VL3000 or Sharpy hitting the market with the same impact. I guess there is a reason for this. I guess it's not this or that. I guess it's just magic.