SGM Light’s VPLs create a sense of connection and safety in Barry, Wales

25 January 2021

Following an open competitive tender process on the Sell2Wales website, the new lighting scheme for the Powell Duffryn Way Tunnel was developed as a collaboration between Wales based light artist, Jessica Lloyd-Jones, and specialist lighting provider, Architainment Lighting.

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01 September 2020

The first to shut down – the last to open up. This is the reality for the events industry in the time of COVID-19. Millions of people around the globe saw their income disappear in March, and for many of them, help from their governments has been limited or even nonexistent. 

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VPLs shine a new light on Gellerup

25 August 2020

Meet the The Golden Gate – the new glowing symbol of Gellerup. This shiny new gate is illuminated using 300 VPLs from SGM Light, connects Gellerup to Aarhus.

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Applauding efforts with a show of color

21 July 2020

The United Kingdom and its people came together in recognition of the tireless efforts put in by their front-line workers, and it could not have been more unique.

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