The i-6: Go Beyond

26 April 2022

Need exceptional punch and extra precision? The i-6 is the right choice for you. This narrow-beam wash can deliver a remarkable amount of light and powerful colors exactly where needed, reaching the furthest parts of your installation. With its cutting-edge optical design, the i-6 establishes a new benchmark in architectual lighting, going beyond the performance of a typical floodlight. 

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The Eiffel Tower all draped in blue

31 January 2022

The 324-meter-tall Iron Lady perfects her outfit with 40 SGM P-10 wash lights to mark the start of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2022. 

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Together with Bruno Souchaud, SGM Light expands into the Architectural market in France

15 October 2021

As SGM architectural sales now exceed 50% of the total turnover worldwide, SGM has decided to embark on a new journey - to expand into the Architectural market in France.

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Q-8: next cue, next level

27 May 2021

The SGM Q-8 is a DualSource™ touring fixture that is made to the quality standards of a studio fixture. The evolution of the Q-7 brings to market a combined 52,675 lumens strobe blinder, and a 51,771 lumens studio-quality floodlight with TLCI 90+ (TruColor+™).

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