Applauding efforts with a show of color

The United Kingdom and its people came together in recognition of the tireless efforts put in by their front-line workers, and it could not have been more unique.

The country said thanks to its essential staff in the fight against COVID-19 in a bright, colorful way. Major landmarks in the country were lit up in blue and rainbow shades to put the spotlight on the NHS and key workers for their efforts. From the Royal Albert Hall, Hadrian’s Tower to the 22 Bishopsgate - many sites in the country applauded the efforts put in by frontline workers. 

Here some of the projects and the companies behind them:

APS (Alexander Production Services) lit up the famous Tilehurst Water Tower. Using their stock of P-10s to achieve the tall throw and narrow optics to highlight the upright struts on the outside of the tower and illuminate it in blue.

Event Concept showed their appreciation to key workers by lighting the Tower of London and the Event Concept HQ with their stock of P-10s and P-6s.

Glenn Gridley, MD, GLX Productions Ltd, feels the time was right to show the healthcare workers that they are respected and appreciated for their dedicated efforts. “In light of the current circumstances, our local community in Aylesbury looked as though they could do with their spirits lifted and we set out to light various, notable buildings in blue as a thank you for NHS Staff and key workers, free of charge. We used 8 P-5s and a Q-10 we had on loan when lighting St Mary’s Church and 16 P-5s with the Q-10 again for the Aylesbury Vale Academy. They gave consistent, even coverage with vivid colors the entire length,” he says.

Hotdog Productions were asked to light Anyhoe Park in blue and joined forces with Ian Livie.Com – Concert & Corporate Lighting. P-5s and G-Spot Turbos lit up the beautiful building, while Hot Dog Productions, put on an array of special effect including, haze, lasers, and flames.

At the same time, Ian Livie.Com – Concert & Corporate Lighting used more P-5s and G-Spot Turbos to light buildings like The Red House Glass Cone Museum Stourbridge, Brindley Place, and the Birmingham City Football Club. The company used the P-5s as the blue wash and the G-Spot Turbos to project the NHS logo. 

Ian Livie.Com – Concert & Corporate Lighting also played an integral part in an NHS charity fundraiser that was hosted and broadcasted on the internet by Birmingham City Football club. A mixture of fixtures were used for the event, including P-5, G-Spot Turbo, P-6 and Q-10.

Hadrian’s tower shined bright in blue light by R&M Productions in a symbolic tribute. Peter Shorten, the director of the production company says, “R&M Productions utilized 40 SGM Q-7s and 24 SGM SixPacks to light the new Hadrian’s Tower development in Newcastle-Upon Tyne blue for clients JC Events. The high-output SGM fixtures were perfect for the task, a long throw from the SixPacks combined with the wash capability of the Q-7s was a great combination in a very tight space.”

When the lockdown began, SFL had proudly joined hands with the Royal Albert Hall to say thanks to carers and key workers. SFL provided 12 SGM Q-7s to light the facade of the Royal Albert Hall. “When discussing ideas, it was clear that we would be able to achieve an impactful statement by utilizing the impressive light output and coverage of the SGM Q-7 whilst also being able to adhere to all government guidance due to their compact and lightweight form factor,” SLF’s Benjamin Reynold says. In support of similar initiatives, SFL continued the delightful gesture by illuminating the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading where 24 SGM Q-7s were used to illuminate the present and old entrance of the hospital.

Stage Light Services used their stock of P-6s to light up the famous Welsh Castell Coch for Cadw (Welsh National Heritage). 

Static Light Company lit up a new prolific skyscraper 22 Bishopsgate in London’s famous city district, the under-construction site, had the top four stories lit up in blue all the way around, which could be seen across the London skyline at night.

Vortex Lighting deployed their stock of P-5s to light Raby Castle, one of England’s finest medieval castles.

Zeal Events illuminated the façade of Longleat House in both blue and rainbow colors as a sign of gratitude. The historic house which is home to the famous Longleat safari park was lit up using P-5s. The company also lit up AA Headquarters as well as the Whitchurch Silk Mill along with The Willis Museum, all of which used their stock of SGM P-5 fixtures.