SGM Light’s VPLs create a sense of connection and safety in Barry, Wales

Following an open competitive tender process on the Sell2Wales website, the new lighting scheme for the Powell Duffryn Way Tunnel was developed as a collaboration between Wales based light artist, Jessica Lloyd-Jones, and specialist lighting provider, Architainment Lighting

The aim was to explore ways to integrate the newly developed waterfront area of Barry with the town center via the tunnel, by developing a lighting scheme that is attractive, welcoming, colorful, and dynamic. Previously the tunnel was dark and often considered a barrier, discouraging pedestrians from moving between the two areas.

Dynamic lighting effects for colorful pathways

By use of animated lighting, a sense of movement and direction through the tunnel was created, helping to guide pedestrians towards either the town center or the waterfront area. This has been achieved with animated lighting effects, which travel along the length of the tunnel in both directions, to emphasize it as a two-way pedestrian route and an important link between each area. Colors displaying hues of blue and green (evoking sea/water) are travelling in the direction of the docks and more vibrant pinks, reds and oranges (evoking retail and liveliness) in the direction of the commercial town center. These ‘pathways’ of light along the passageway were created with the VPLs.

The final look was based on experimentation with different dynamic lighting effects; combinations of patterns, colors and speeds of movement. The goal was to evoke a sense of dynamism, energy and motion - linking with the theme of transport; such as the railway, traffic, pedestrians and flow of water at the docks. The lighting effects were also inspired by natural phenomena - such as comets, wave patterns, starry nights and sunlight sparking on water.

Customizable settings and programs

The lighting scheme offers a long list of programs and settings and is customizable for special days, such as rainbow colors for Pride, or red white and green lighting for St David’s Day. Counsellor Lis Burnett, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Education, is thrilled with the installation, saying: “This is a wonderful addition to what is quickly becoming one of the most vibrant areas in the Vale of Glamorgan. With the Goodshed development on one side and High Street and Broad Street on the other, I’m certain local residents will enjoy walking through the tunnel to access the excellent facilities that they have on their doorstep.”

The project is part of the Barry Vale of Glamorgan ‘Making Waves’ project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

SGM products used:

• SGM VPL 1220-20 and VPL 610-20