CitizenM with 150 SGM fixtures



Earlier this year, the artistic hotel chain CitizenM unveiled the world-wide project; Citizens of the Bowery, which uniquely celebrates people of all kinds.

“To mark our arrival in the world’s happiest city, we’ve collaborated with social photographer Marie Hald to celebrate its diverse citizens,” said CitizenM on their Instagram account.  

The interesting project displays pictures of the city’s inhabitants across the hotel windows. For this specific installation, CitizenM decided to use a lighting designer instead of just deploying the already-installed hotel lights.


“There was a lot of surrounding facade lights around the central square, so for this installation I needed a fixture with a very high output that could steal focus from the competing illuminations. SGM’s Q-7 is extremely powerful and made it easy to illuminate the windows evenly with no hotspots,” said light artist Jakob Kvist.

To catch people's’ attention, Jacob Kvist placed a Q-7 in each window of the hotel totalling 150 Q-7s, and was very happy with his choice of fixture.

“Each room was differently designed in terms of furniture placement, but the Q-7 provided an even field of projection no matter where I placed them. The Q-7s gave me a beautiful color rendering, extremely high output, and an installation that completely outshined the surrounding facade lights,” said Jacob about the eye-catching installation.  


Light artist: Jakob Kvist

Supplier Vigsø A/S

Video by: Kim Matthäi Leland