DHL’s inventory of SGM lights reaches new heights

Driven by the market demand and enhancing the existing stock of their clients, Dry Hire Lighting (DHL) has recently made a heavy investment in SGM’s LED technology.

Having added a substantial amount of Q-7 flood lights, P-5 and P-1 wash lights, SixPack blinders, and G-4 Wash and G-4 Wash-Beam moving heads to their inventory, they are ready to support and fulfil equipment shortfalls discretely as and when required by professional lighting hire companies.

Co-Director, Rob Merrilees, states: 
“The selling point from our point of view is LED, IP-rating and reliability, and SGM ticks all these boxes. Our relationship with SGM is very strong and hopefully this will grow in the future.”

During a HQ visit at SGM Light, Co-Directors Rob Merrilees and Nic Tolkien met with SGM CEO Peter Johansen and SGM UK Director Ian Kirby.

“We appreciate the opportunity to bring forward our product ideas and suggestions, and SGM’s R&D department is always open to inputs,” says Merrilees.

As a neutral company, DHL stocks the products which the lighting market demands, and as the demand for SGM Lights outstrips supply, the decision to invest came easy.

“We receive great local support from SGM UK, and it’s nice to be part of the SGM Family. We’re buying into a first-class brand with a global network and a vast potential. A clear-cut investment,” comments Tolkien.

Taking a punt adding the brand-new G-4 Wash-Beam moving head to their inventory list is to no surprise for SGM UK’s Director Ian Kirby: “DHL is a frontrunner company and a first point for many new products. We highly value their trust in the reliability of our LED luminaires and the strong relationship we have with DHL.”


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