High-end family resort with SGM light

For this high-end family themed hotel in Tenerife, installation company Capicua worked together with audiovisual provider, Power AV, to complete an ambitious lighting project, where more than 60 SGM products were used.

“We chose light fixtures from SGM’s POI [Permanent Outdoor Installation] series for the entire outdoor installation because of their reliability, resistance to harsh environments, and the wide range of products with various optics that can match any distance. Once again, I’ve had a very satisfying experience with SGM products explained Manuel Vicente Calderón from Power AV, who chose fixtures based on careful calculations made together with SGM’s Product Manager Ben Díaz.

The Bahía Príncipe hotel group opened the first Fantasia resort in the Dominican Republic and now  follows this beautiful resort in Tenerife. Both of them giving magical light shows using SGM luminaires.

“I love the colors that SGM fixtures can achieve because of the high quality LEDs,” said Manuel.

The Fantasía hotels offer activities for the whole family and stunning audiovisual shows and performances. The newest addition in Tenerife also features a reproduction of the oldest tree in the world; the Millenary Drago, which is a popular tourist attraction in Tenerife and a symbol of the Canary Islands.


“We used SGM’s P-2 POI at 21º to fine-tune details at the top of the castle, and the Q-7 POI at all levels of the castle, as well as the top of the Millenary Drago where there is short distance. Here, you need something powerful that opens a lot. I think there is no better product for this than the Q-7. I love its homogeneity of light, power, and, of course, the colors,” explained Manuel.


An important factor for Power AV was remote monitoring and control of the light shows, where they used 10 SGM A-4 nodes accompanied by SGM’s Arnet Configurator software.

“I really like the A-4 nodes for their simplicity and versatility, as well as the software that allows you to configure any port, the RDM devices, and gives you status reports in real time,” said.

The installation company used various other products from SGM Light to create the beautiful light project.


“I chose the P-5 POI with 43º optics because I love the perfect relationship between aperture, intensity, and uniformity of light,” said Manuel, who also explained that he was pleasantly surprised with the Anti Glare product that was installed on the P-5 POI devices, which ensured that there were no unpleasant glares for passing people.


As for robotics, the company chose the G-4 Wash POI and the G-Profile Turbo POI, both with a secondary purpose of front lighting in performances.

“The G-4 Wash POI fixtures were used for short distances to illuminate the Millenary Drago, one of the castle facades, and as front light reinforcement in some shows. Their very high CRI, infinite zoom, and spectacular colors was the perfect combination,” explained Manuel and continued. “The power, internal framing system, and good CRI of the G-Profile Turbo POI were very important factors. It was our first time using the Turbo model, and we were pleasantly surprised,” said Manuel.

Fixtures used


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G-4 Wash POI

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G-Profile Turbo POI

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