G-7 BeaSt illuminates the London Eye


SLX, a specialist hire & live events company, who have managed the lighting at the world-famous fireworks event for the past 15 years, ushered in the new decade with the most anticipated new fixture of the year on the show.


SGM UK Managing Director, Ian Kirby says: “The G-7 BeaSt is a dual-source fixture and one we’ve been particularly excited about. It’s a beam, with motorised collimation that seamlessly turns the throw into a powerful cone and it also has an integrated strobe blinder. It was incredible to see it feature in The London Eye fireworks; an event talked about the world over and attended by an estimated 3 million people this year. We are sure this will be the first of many high-profile events for the G-7 BeaSt in the UK.”


The BeaSt did not only impress in the capital but has also been receiving some rave reviews from industry insiders and light designers across the globe. 


For a mid-sized fixture, the BeaSt packs a punch. It has a 640w White LED dual source and features a beam angle of – 1 degree to 30 degrees. The colour and gobo wheels ensure that it sets up a show that’ll leave viewers bewildered. A PLSN review about the BeaSt sheds light, “The company makes a pretty convincing case that this moving light is a completely different animal, setting itself apart with DualSource™ technology and other trademarked SGM features and functions. The world can use a beam with a wider aperture, and the added strobe is the extra touch that makes this an exemplary fine tool for any LD’s design.”


The BeaSt has been unleashed and is now in action! 

Video credits: Global News