The House of Dancing Water undertook a major refurbishment with SGM products

In 2009 after 5 years of development and 2 years of rehearsals and $250m in funding, The House of Dancing Water first opened to the public. Based in the iconic City of Dreams in Macau, China the show is globally recognised as one of the most innovative and awe inspiring shows staged anywhere in the world.

In 2019 the show undertook a major refurbishment to enhance its already excellent reputation, a large part of the moving light scheme has been enhanced by the use of 27 x SGM G-spot Turbos and 8x SGM G-spot Profiles.

The G-Spots were chosen for their premium optics, high power output and beautiful colour mixing from a LED luminaire. Keeping with the initial design intention of the show was paramount to the selection of fixture to replace the original 2009 installation.
After 10 years of hard service, bringing the vibrancy back to the show was a key factor in the selection process.


Karl Jenkins the head of Lighting for The House of Dancing Water in Macau describes his thoughts on why SGM products were chosen:


"Although we are a water based production, it was not necessarily the IP65 rating that influenced our choice in fixture for this application.

The fixtures being replaced hang 30m above the stage in places and need to be high output and optically accurate as such distances.

The G-Spot surpassed all expectations and recreated the complex colours that Luc Lafortune created for the show elegantly.

The main feature of the G-Spot which made it stand out from the crowed is the reduced maintenance. On a show of such scale as The House of Dancing Water, reducing the operational maintenance in areas is an important tool in the efficiency of operations.

The g-spot has enabled us to spend less time fixing moving lights and more time dedicated to preventative maintenance in other areas of the system.

The industry often looks at the G-spots as primarily outdoor fixtures but I personally believe them to a great all round workhorse for the largest indoor shows in the world.

We have been very impressed by the performance of this fixture and the support of the SGM team! Without this dedication and support this project would not have been possible."



Lead Lighting Console Operator and Programmer, Justin Sinclair from The House of Dancing Water, describes his experience working with the G-spots:


"In the process of choosing a replacement moving light, we wanted to find one that was going to be a good fit and would integrate well in to the rig. We had sampled a good batch of the market, some brand new and some that had been around awhile. When the Turbo came into the shop, the first step was to see how well it would clone from the existing fixtures on the MA2 by doing a side by side bench test. I think we made the decision on the spot, once we saw how the fixture cloned colour. It was amazing very vibrant and pretty

much spot on with very minor adjustments needed, as we have a lot of custom colours in the show, this was always a high on the priorities for me."


How you have found the light to use in terms of performance?

"So far, I'm impressed on the performance. It is a slightly larger unit than the previous fixture, however it moves slightly faster. The optic range is very clean and crisp allowing for nice sharp gobo focus. There is still so much to learn about this fixture I look forward to really getting into it's potential as we continue to integrate them into the show."


How you have found SGM to work with as a partner?

"Working with SGM as a partner has been great. They really care about their product and have taken the time to come over to visit us, from when we first got the demo unit, to training our team on how to service the units, and then taken the time to watch the show to see how their product performs for us. I really couldn't ask for a better partnership."