Summer Story in Madrid: 60 units of Q7 featured at the Main Stage

For the Electronic musical festival Summer Story, which is now at its 5th edition, FLUGE used SGM fixtures to illuminate the stage.  

The summer Story is an Electronic Dance Music festival now at its fifth edition. This event gathers main DJs and electronic live bands in one place and it is considered one of the bests festivals in Europe, with well elaborated line up featuring Dimitri Vegas, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and the successful Spanish DJ Nano, among many others. This festival gathered more than 50.000 people each day, Friday and Saturday. The main stage featured 60 units of Q7 specified by the set and lighting designer Eduardo Valverde from PixelMap Studios (Spain).

Alejo Joaquin Arce, the illumination technical director, describes his thoughts on why SGM products were chose:

“We chose SGM because your products have a long lifespan and they can stand the heavy abuse we have in the renting company. FLUGE being the biggest company in Spain, has many projects. We have clients from different sectors that can have very demanding events so the fixture we purchase must have a long lifetime, to be as strong as possible and they must be able to be used in different environments. This is a hard mix to achieve, but SGM easily offers everything. We also find very useful that SGM products are not being replaced with a new version each 6 months, thus our investment is secured for a long term and the products will still have a high market value when want to resell them later.  Speaking specifically about the Q7, we decided to add them to our stock because they can be used in different situations, like corporate presentations, products showcases, live shows, festivals, tours, etc.

Additionally, SGM products are now being specified by many riders, so we are observing a consistent “taste” of the lighting designers for Q7s, P5s, P10s, and more, so we are looking into expanding our stock with more units “.



Alejo also describes his experience working with SGM and SGM products:

“Q7s is one of the most profitable units we have in stock. FLUGE, as a renting company, must be able to deliver products in perfect conditions in the shortest time available. So, a fixture like the Q7 that doesn’t have any problems and never has a stop on the repair shop is the perfect choice for us. This year we have enjoyed a closer relationship with SGM, and this allowed us to get direct support in any emergency, either due to incidences or new purchases with extreme deadline deliveries. The overall balance with SGM is above positive with both, products and after sales services”.


How did you find the light in terms of performance?

Q7 has a huge light output and it’s been the most rented fixture for the mainstream lighting designers in Spain. The colors, the flux and the compact design, I think, are the key factors that made it appear on every show this year playing different roles. Some use them as wall washing for corporate events, some for blinder effect, others as a general wash/strobe, it is very versatile product.