Superior Lighting on BMW's Superior Car

From presentation mode to flight mode to…WOW mode. “This just might be the ultimate riding machine.” Accompanied by superior lighting, of course.

Cutting-edge LED lighting technology was installed inside the very limited space of a Boeing 777F to create the appropriate wow-effect for the car of the future. Including 20 pieces of SGM’s P-2.

For an early view of BMW’s next generation of forward-looking vehicles, the company installed a prototype in a 777F Boeing aircraft, surrounded by a line-up of leading  lighting and sound technology. Hitting Munich, New York, San Francisco, and Beijing in just five days, planning was extremely important - not to mention that the crew had to consider frequency coordination as it was extremely important to not interfere with the radio traffic.

Despite a ceiling height of less than 2.5 metres at the highest point, the company required lighting that matched a trade show stand or a typical car showroom to really give that desired wow-effect. Additionally, all of the technology had to be able to withstand during transportation. All of SGM’s fixtures are going through various, intense tests at the production plant in Denmark to ensure they can resist eg. heat, ice, vibration, and downfalls.

“This is not just a show car,” said Klaus Fröhlich, a member of BMW’s board and the company’s spokesperson in an interview. “It’s a promise. In 2021, you will get it.”