SGM launches a new and powerful battery-driven wash light

Today, SGM releases its new compact wash light which has already been preordered in large quantities.

The P-1 is an IP65-rated battery-driven RGBW LED wash/blind/strobe light with a small footprint and high output, designed for multiple applications, including applications where wireless operation is essential.

This portable, lightweight fixture eliminates the hassle of cabling and ensures a quick and easy setup. For a small fixture the P-1 is extremely versatile. Via a patented technology, its standard 10° beam angle and round beam can be manipulated in various ways. Shape the beam and achieve different beam angles with an optional set of three magnetic holographic filter frames (19°, 45°, 63°/12° elliptical plus an empty color frame).

Running for up to 12 hours in standard operation mode, the P-1 can easily be configured to provide an even output over longer periods of time. It offers smooth dimming and color mixing as well as wireless control and configuration. The battery status can be monitored remotely via RDM or via the built-in display. The P-1 also contains SGM’s patented dehumidifier for a practically maintenance-free operation.

Peter Johansen, SGM CEO said:
“I’m very proud to present this new battery-driven wash light. The word has been out for a while, that SGM would release a compact but powerful battery-driven wash light and consequently, pre-orders have been rolling in. With this overwhelming reception, we anticipate a great future for the P-1.”

The P-1 will be presented on LDI at SGM’s booth #636.