New P-6 Wash by SGM Light

The P-6 combines the compact size and low power consumption of the P-5 series with the unique optical design and ergonomy of the P-10. It is an IP66-rated wash light, a strobe, and a blinder in a lightweight and robust design: a must-have multi-purpose LED fixture.

One of the most important key points of the P-6 is the possibility to achieve high lux values in a low-profile luminaire. The P-6 delivers 12,000 lux at 5 meters with 10º native lens; outperforming any other Full-Color LED washes of this size.

True IP66-rated multi-purpose LED washlight

With 24 high-power RGBW 24W LEDs, the P-6 delivers a superior optical performance and features pixel-mapping control, long-throw capabilities with native 10º front lens, and all the benefits of magnetic easy-fit filter frames. The optical magnetic filter frames take advantage of the high light output, spreading this powerful illuminance over close and medium distances.

The P-6 also delivers many great features such as Plus / Minus Green control for fine tuning, a vast color filter emulation, Quick Color settings, different pixel and strobe pre-programmed macros and effects, and a super-fast strobe with duration and rate parameters.

The P series is known worldwide for its unique color options, which continues in this all-in-one LED luminaire by delivering outstanding blues, rich salmons, powerful reds, and detailed cyans.