SGM on the 1975 Tour

Packed with SGM’s extremely bright Q-10 wash light, the 1975 Tour builds on the popular English pop rock band’s third studio album titled A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships (2018), which has received very high praise. Using the popular wash fixture and accessories from SGM, Lighting Designer Tobias G. Rylander designed a unique look specially for the 1975 Tour.

“I have been waiting for an LED fixture with the qualities of strobe / wash with enough intensity to fill arenas. SGM’s Q-10 is a VERY bright, dynamic dimming, color wash, and finding it was really exciting to me! With great, true color mixing and dimming, as well as the ability to program pixels as segments, the Q-10 is a great fixture for show lighting and lighting effects as much as a really reliable architectural wash light,” explained Lighting Designer Tobias G. Rylander.

The 1975 Tour is a worldwide tour that took off in the UK in the beginning of 2019, and will continue to Mexico and the USA in the spring. Together with the band’s frontman, Matthew Healy, Tobias created portrait oriented design, perfect for social media and smartphones.


“With our show being all Portrait scaled, I was happy to discover that I could turn the fixture 90° and get a very unique look. Especially after using the elliptical horizontal filter frame, normally used on the P-10 fixture. We got a very unique architectural look to the fixture itself and perfect alignment of the wash light. Programing each pixel in the layout gave us really special looks being able to even bitmap our main wash fixtures. The Q-10 really is a great light,” said Tobias.

The 1975 has played together since High School and opened for several major acs before releasing their debut album in 2013. Their third album became the band’s third number one album in the UK.

Photo Credit:  Jordan Hughes