Together with Bruno Souchaud, SGM expands into the French Architectural market

For years SONOSS has been SGM’s main distributor in the Entertainment market in France.

Philippe Coudyser, President of SONOSS, says: “Sonoss has endeavored to develop a close relationship with leaders and users in France. Over the years, more than 1,000 fixtures have joined the rental stock of French service providers, helping to make P-5 and Q-7 leading products.”

But entertainment is not everything SGM is famous for. As SGM architectural sales now exceed 50% of the total turnover worldwide, SGM has decided to embark on a new journey - to expand into the Architectural market in France, providing its best-in-class architectural solutions. Therefore, we are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Bruno P. Souchaud, an experienced lighting professional.

“I am very enthusiastic to take up this challenge...”, says Bruno P. Souchaud, Area Manager at SGM Light, adding that he has been specialising in both the Entertainment and the Architectural markets for over 20 years, which gives him the advantage of having a wide network of contacts that he can tap into. But this is not the only reason for his enthusiasm, he is also very passionate about the products and their durability and reliability.



 “...100% made in Europe, the new SGM POI-labelled fixtures are built to provide long-term, all-weather, maintenance-free lighting." - Bruno Souchaud.

Whilst the SGM projectors of the Entertainment range fit architectural requirements in terms of IP, the POI range is optimized for permanent outdoor installations. With a 5-year warranty, they provide a durable solution prepared for any kind of weather due to their tough exterior, high IP66 rating, corrosion protection, and built-in SGM exclusive patent dehumidification system - everything you could ever dream of.

Sonoss will still remain in charge of the major players in the Entertainment market in France, providing all the necessary services including after-sales service and technical support, as it always has done.

We work together with Bruno P. Souchaud; It is in this spirit that we will positively and constructively move forward. - Philippe Coudyser, President of SONOSS