P-10 is our Brutally Bright wash / flood / strobe luminaire


The SGM P-10 is designed for maximum output.

Our idea was simple. We needed to create the brightest wash in the market. 40,000 lumens ensure the best results when lighting up the biggest tours, arenas or architectural projects.

Lighting up arenas, stadiums and tours requires power.

SGM P-10 is our brightest wash.

The P-10 is our brightest fixture for medium and long throw wash. It produces 40,000 lumen when all LED's are on, which translates into 24,210 lux at 5 meters. It is an extremely powerful all-in-one LED wash luminaire, designed specifically for stadiums, arenas, convention centers, high-rise offices or hotels, bridges, large format stage shows, sports, or any event that requires an ultra-bright wash and super-long throw lumianire.

IP65 all-in-one LED wash light

When we say all-in-one - we are referring to the fixture's functionalities of a wash light, a strobe light, a flood light, a pixel light, and a direct-view blinder with a non-fading continuous output, making it the perfect multi-purpose LED fixture. The IP-65 rating ensures long lasting durability and protection from water, dust, pyro and ice. Whatever the touring life might throw it's way. 

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