A guide to facade illumination


A set of P·10 POI fixtures can illuminate an entire architectural facade.


The Permanent Outdoor Installation-version of our most powerful architectural wash light, the P·10 POI, can be used to illuminate entire projects on its own. This has to do with a combination of narrow-to-wide beam angles (10° native - 35° native) and a high output of 40,000 lumen. 

how to illuminate

However, to get the best result we recommend using the following guide to purchase and install the correct setup for your HQ.


Let's go over the basics of facade illumination


Short throw LED luminaires (such as the Q·7 POI) typically have a beam-angle of around 110°, which makes them suitable for short-distance wide angle illumination. In other words, it will be perfect for illuminating the base of a larger structure from a short distance.

Medium throw LED luminaires (such as the P·5 POI) are suitable for most applications depending on lenses. Usually, however, the 43° lens-kit is chosen as the perfectly balanced performer for the 'medium' distance. This has led the P·5 to become industry standard. 

Long throw LED luminaires (such as the i·5 RGBW POI) has a native beam angle of 8.5° - which makes it suited for illuminating the top of facades.  


Questions to define your lighting-needs:


How much light do you want?

Do you need more than one color?

Do you need different shades of a color? 

How large is the structure?

Does your structure have special features you want to highlight? Such as textures or columns?

- Answering these questions will help your lighting designer better understand what you want.

P·10 POI

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