SGM Light shows no mercy at LDI

At SGM Light we are merciless. Merciless to our products. That is because we are extremely serious about weather-proofing our fixtures and care about our customers. Even our new products aren't spared, as you will see below. 

Missed out on the show? Watch the video to get a recap of SGM's booth at LDI 2018.


Aftermovie from LDI 2018

We know that temporary and stage light installations face harsh environments, and therefore need great protection. That is why we decided to make IP66 the new standard at SGM Light. At Booth 2310, you will find 3 new fixtures part of the new standard by SGM – standard fixtures with an IP66-rating.


So, if you are going to LDI this year, stop by Booth 2310 to see our fixtures in action and experience our new standard protection. 

Peter introduces the P·6

IP66; the new normal at SGM Light

The G·7 Spot

View Product SGM G-7

The P·6

View Product SGM P6

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