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Wireless DMX control software

  • Wireless DMX control software for Windows-based platforms
  • Control, scheduling and programming of SGM R-2 fixtures


The C-5 Wireless DMX Controller is a uniquely developed piece of software intended for Windows tablets, laptops or PCs offering the user a variety of control and programming possibilities related to SGM R-2 luminaires. Download the software free of charge from the menu below.

This tool gives the user the advantage of pre-programming several lighting sequences and modes or even controlling the luminaires remotely via wireless DMX. Examples include alternation in light setting per the hour, the day, the week, the month, as well as seasonal light settings, day vs. night settings, division of fixtures into groups, uniform branding of retail shops globally, etc. This ensures a very dynamic visual expression - even outside normal opening hours in for instance shop windows.

Using the C-5, you can easily and remotely prepare the light setting for any environment whether it be for installations in a museum, an exhibition, a center, a hall, a trade show, a club or a shop or any other application you could think of.

With a user-friendly interface, the opportunities to create vibrant and dynamic environments just became simple and straightforward. All preferred modes can be pre-scheduled so that you do not have to worry about turning your light system on or off in the fixture. Of course you also make alterations manually, if need to have sudden change from the regular pre-scheduled program. All of this can be done from a distance.

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