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The RDM Addressing Tool is a small utility application to modify settings for any RDM-capable SGM fixture using an SGM firmware tool USB Cable. This useful piece of software gives the user the possibility to change all settings in the exact same way as it can be done in the display.

With the RDM Addressing Tool is possible to change the DMX address or the DMX mode, to modify fan settings, to set "Factory Default" values or to choose between different dimming curves, amongst other features. 

Please note that although the application uses a sub-set of standard RDM commands to communicate with SGM fixtures, it does not conform strictly to RDM standards and is not intended as a general RDM tool for other fixtures.

All SGM with RDM protocol enabled are compatible with the RDM Addressing Tool software when connected via the USB Uploader cable. This software is not intended for wireless RDM.


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Compatible operating system Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10


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