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G·4 Wash-Beam Front lens

Item No. 83061410

  • Easy-to-install Micro-Fresnel lens for Wash-Beam optical performance
  • Interchangeable kit for G-4 series


The G-4 Wash-Beam Front Lens Kit is interchangeable with the G-4 Wash front lens. 

Transforming your G-4 Wash into a G-4 Wash-Beam moving head is easily and quickly carried out with the G-4 Wash-Beam Front Lens Kit. Simply replace the front lens and you will achieve the exact same benefits known from the highly contrasted Micro-Fresnel LED wash beam light, thus expanding the flexibility of the luminaire even further.

Weight & dimensions

Weight: 0.80 kg 1.80 lbs
  • mm
  • In
SGM Light

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Color options
Black - RAL 9004
Custom color - Any RAL
White - RAL 9010
Net weight
0.8 kg (1.8 lbs)

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