Touring VPL 1220-20

Direct View Video Pixel Linear

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  • IP65-rated Video Pixel Linear luminaire
  • Quad Full-Color LED Pixel Clusters
  • Industry standard power and data connectors with no need for external power supplies
  • Long runs on a single circuit
  • 19.05 mm pixel pitch and 120º viewing angle
  • 1212 millimeter length per luminaire with integrated power supply
  • IK08-rated, UV and Corrosion resistant
  • 16-bit control, Real time remote monitoring
  • Auto or individual addressing


This thermal management techonology provides Advaced Temperature Control monitored via sensors and software, keeping optimal LED junction temperatures, and ensuring maximum reliability for long-term use. The ThermalDriveTM system includes cutting-edge heat removal via passive thermal tecniques and active forced-air cooling (depending on the product), specifically designed to maintain LED efficiency while extending fixture's lifetime.

SGM's TruColorTM luminaires use an enhanced color engine that improves accuracy and consistency both for color mixing and low-end dimming, while using the same procedures to match the SGM color palette.

Touring VPL 1220-20 is a powerful direct view pixel product designed to reproduce pixel mapping and media effects in temporary environments. With industry leading intensity and wide-angle visibility, it is one of the most dynamic direct view fixtures available. Using touring industry standard power and data connectors, and with a selection of low-profile brackets and accessories, this easily integrated fixture is the perfect fit for concerts, stadiums, sets, and sound stages. Touring VPL is available in 3 different lengths, 5 different lenses, shape-able brackets.

LED Technology
To achieve an outstanding luminous output, Touring VPL uses a large 6 x 6 mm imaging area with four RGB LED chips per pixel. By using this configuration, is possible to increase the output in all colors, while avoiding multi-color shadows and scalloping. The size of these Quad pixel clusters is smaller than the visual resolution of a human eye at distance, which means that the four LED chips in each cluster can be seen as a single large pixel at the distance of 6 meters. The LEDs expected lifetime is 50,000 hours.

Color mixing
The Touring VPL uses In-Cluster color mixing technology to enhance the color homogeneity for each pixel. As a result, every color covers the full Quad pixel, achieving a bright and wide imaging area. The VPL is fully color calibrated to ensure consistency and uniformity, while containing the same powerful colors of the SGM's product family.

Superior Direct View Experience
Because of its ingenious LED design, the Touring VPL creates high visibility media patterns for viewers at large distances while avoiding the typical blinding effect of large LED pixels at close distance. By expanding the imaging area, increasing the pixel brightness and pre-mixing the colors inside the Quad cluster, SGM considerably improves the viewer's experience for direct view applications.

One 208-240 VAC circuit is required to run the fixtures, with no external power supplies needed. Industry standard connectors compatible with powerCON® TRUE1 and XLR - RJ45 data connectors are included. This reliable widely available solution for distribution results in time and cost savings. All lengths of Tourign VPL can be installed directly next to each other. Pixel spacing is maintained between connected fixtures, so they can work as a single LED pixel fixture.

Color Temperature Selection
Using SGM Video Pixel Administrator software, it is possible to set the color temperature preset for the Touring VPL within a 2000K - 10000K range. This is a very powerful feature to create warm or cold ambient lighting, but also to emulate the white color temperature coming from other light sources.

Software and Configuration

SGM Network Administrator is used to configure and manage Touring VPLs with real time monitoring and network capabilities. It is an intuitive, powerful, piece of software designed to work with a PC via a single Ethernet connection. Just plug and play.

IP, IK, and Corrosion Rating
Touring VPL is IP65-rated and IK08 protected, ensuring that the unit is kept free from externally induced particles and liquids, such as smoke fluid, dust, dirt, airborne pollution, and humidity. Being UV and corrosion resistant, it is ideal for outdoor applications. And being practically maintenance-free makes it a sustainable and long-lasting choice for any temporary environment.

Thermal management
By using the Quad-pixel technology, SGM achieves a high reliability and consistency for each LED while offering a large addressable pixel. The heat is optimally distributed because each Quad-pixel Cluster is divided into four independent Full-Color LEDs. The LEDs' lifetime is ensured by this silent thermal management system.

Mounting options
Multiple mounting options are available. Two touring clamps, a quick mount clamp and a slim-line clamp are available. Additionally, a swivel bracket and link plate are provided to enable shapes and links to be created between fixtures. The VPL fixtures can be mounted in practically any stage lighting application.


Included SGM technologies

This thermal management technology provides advanced temperature control monitored via sensors and software, keeping optimal LED junction temperatures, and ensuring maximum reliability for long-term use. The ThermalDrive system includes cutting-edge heat removal via passive thermal techniques and active forced-air cooling (depending on the product), specifically designed to maintain LED efficiency while extending fixture's lifetime.

SGM uses Full Range Calibration in all LED fixtures over CIE color space and black body curve, measured via spectrometer and SGM Illumination Lab software. To provide the best user experience, SGM's Color Match procedure ensures accurate wavelength reproduction within the product range via colored LEDs, dichroic filters, or CMY mixing (depending on the product); all of them specified to match the SGM color palette.


Optical Data
LED expected lifetime (L70) 50,000 hours
Lightsource 256 x high-power RGB LEDs
Native lens options 110°
Pixel per meter 52 px/m
Pixel pitch 19.05 mm
Pixel size 6 x 6 mm Quad LED Pixel Clusters
Color temperature range 2000K - 10000K
Efficacy 33 lm/W
Light output all LEDs on 810 lm
Lumen per kilogram 405 lm / Kg
Luminance 8400 Nits (cd/m2)
Native beam angle(s) 109° (with clear 110° lens)
Native field angle(s) 151° horizontal, 158° vertical (with 110° clear lens)
Color options Black - RAL 9004
IK rating IK08
IP class IP65
Material Aluminium
Net dimensions L x H x W 1212 x 52 x 38 mm
Net dimensions L x H x W (inches) 47.8 x 2 x 1.5 inches
Net weight 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Addressable pixels 64
Auto adressing Yes
Color calibration SGM proprietary, full color calibration
White calibration for RGB
Dimming Smooth fade in, gamma corrected curve
On-fixture test Yes
Other LED frequency control via SGM Network Admin
Remote monitoring Yes (Real Time)
View angle 120°
Electrical protection Overload protection with automatic recover
Input voltage, nominal 200 - 240 VAC; 50 / 60 Hz
Max inrush current 230VAC 1.9 A
Max power consumption 35 W
Power factor 0.98 PF (230 V)
Power per meter 29 W/m
Power Supply Unit Auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
Standby power consumption 2.8 W
Programming and Control
16-bit control Red, Green, Blue
Data communication 100 Mb
DMX channels 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192 or 384
DMX modes 8
Protocol Art-Net (up to 120 Hz)
Setting and addressing SGM Network Administrator
DMX data in/out Seetronic SE8 Class 2 Series RJ45 XLR Black
Power Seetronic X Series SAC3FX & SAC3MX
Orientation Any
Rigging possibilities Surface-mounted
Cooling Passive
Thermal protection Automatic overtemperature protection
Total heat dissipation, max power 119.4 BTU per hour
Total heat dissipation, standby 9.6 BTU per hour
Included items
Included items Safety instructions and installation quick guide
Conforms To
CE - 2014/30/EU: EMC Directive EN 55015
EN 61547
EN 61000-3-2
EN 61000-3-3
EN 55032
EN 55035
CE - 2014/35/EU: Low Voltage Directive EN 60598-1
EN 60598-2-17
EN 62471
EN 60529
EN 62368-1
RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/EU
UL UL Std. 1573
Certified To
CSA CSA-E598-2-17-98, Ed: 1
CSA E60598-1, Ed: 3

Certifications & classifications


Ordering information

Product name Item number
Touring VPL1220-20, BL 80080062
Accessories Item number
VPL Touring bracket 83060633
VPL Rounded Opal lens 83061074
SGM Network Admin
VPL Smoked clear lens 83061079
VPL Opal / Black lens 83061083
VPL Smoked Frosted lens 83061087
VPL Rounded Smoked Opal lens 83061091
Link Plate for Touring VPL Pivot Bracket 83060717
Pivot Bracket for Touring VPL 83060718
Slimline Touring Clamp for Touring VPL 83060722

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