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VP Processor

Item no. 80070238

  • Gigabit to Megabit Processor
  • Optimized for VP fixtures
  • Data Redundancy feature
  • VP Administrator software embedded


This device is designed to optimize data communication on SGM Video Pixel products like VPL series.

The VP Processor has the VP Administrator software embedded, and it is conceived for setting up installations based on VP luminaires, adjusting parameters, and allowing redundant control of VP cabled strings.

The VP Processor is a Gigabit to 100 Megabit data processor for Artnet / sACN / VP-Net protocols, capable of managing up to 4 cabled strings of VP fixtures. It includes 2 general Gigabit input / outputs for the external network, plus 4 input / outputs running VP-Net with 100Mbit data communication. When working with outputs, this product must be installed before any VP Power + Data Joiner or VP Touring Power + Data Joiner. When working with inputs, this item must be connected after the VP Data Redundancy Interface.

This item is a 1U rack 19" sized, and includes 2 x RJ45 Data Link I/O and 4 x RJ45 VP-Net I/O.


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VP Processor
Item number: 80070238

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