Control & Software
SGM LIGHT VP Processor Item no. 80070238
SGM LIGHT VP Administrator Configuration software for VP products
Control & Software
SGM LIGHT TLD·612A Touring LED ArtNet Driver
SGM LIGHT RDM tool for TLD·612 RDM Management Software
SGM LIGHT RDM Addressing Tool RDM Management Software
SGM LIGHT ILD Installation LED Driver
SGM LIGHT C·1 Wireless DMX Controller
SGM LIGHT A·4 Smart ArtNet to DMX converter

Stage Lighting

Here you will find our complete range of stage lighting includes strobe and flood lights, effect lighting, moving heads and washes. SGM stage light is used worldwide at all types of stage events and venues from concerts and theatre productions, to  exhibitions, art installations and many more.

As with all our lighting solution the stage light products undergo extensive testing to ensure you get top-of-the-line LED fixtures with superior performance. Have a look at the individual product for at detailed description of product specifications.