Touring LED ArtNet Driver

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  • LED driver for LB-100, LT-100, and LT-200
  • Ethernet RJ45 ArtNet interface
  • Power in and power out
  • Full control via SGM ArtNet Configurator software
  • IP65-rating
  • W maximum power consumption
  • mm pixel pitch between RJ765 connectors
  • Robust design with brackets for rigging

The TLD-612A is a touring LED driver for LB-100, LT-100, and LT-200 luminaires. It is an ArtNet device capable of setting up and driving up to six LT-100 or LT-200 tubes and up to 48 LB-100. The output of the TLD-612A is completely configurable via software, making it possible to send any channel range in any universe to each output. The ArtNet interface is especially designed for high-speed / high-flow DMX, making it a perfect tool for pixel mapping.


The TLD-612A includes six locking 4-pin outputs for wiring LB or LT products, and two RJ45 connectors for ArtNet. Two brackets for clamps are included with the product. The housing of the TLD-612A is extremely rugged, and it is designed for any kind of indoor or outdoor production, due to its IP65-rating. The TLD-612A weighs  kg and the dimensions are 715 x 80 x 182 mm (L x W x H).

LED pixels
The TLD-612A can drive six SGM LT-100s, six SGM LT-200, or 48 SGM LB-100 pixel luminaries, or any combination of the three product types. These can be attached in any arrangement to the six output connectors on the TLD-612A.

Configuration and control
The ILD can be configured using the SGM ArtNet Configurator and controlled using a lighting controller or computer-based ArtNet controller.


IP class IP65
Net dimensions inches 28.2 x 7.2 x 3.2 inches
Input voltage, nominal 100 - 240 VAC; 50 / 60 Hz
Max power consumption 360 W
Programming and Control
Compatible operating system Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Art-Net data Input RJ45 connectors
Driver data output Locking 4-pin RJ765 sockets
Signal source Artistic License Art-Net 3
Orientation Any
Rigging possibilities Hanging (two brackets included)
Total heat dissipation, max power 1228.3 BTU per hour
Included items
Included items 2 TLD brackets
6 Output connector caps
2 RJ45 IP plug
1 Ethernet connector cap

Certifications & classifications

Ordering information

Product name Item number
TLD-612 A Touring LED Driver - ART Net 80070221
Accessories Item number
LT·100/LT·200/LB-100 Extension Cable 83062063


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