120 SGM fixtures light up Fête des Lumières

Fête des Lumières,The Festival of Lights, is a spectacular event that annually takes place in charming Lyon, France, and is looked forward to by all the residents and visitors of the city. For four nights the city comes to life with buildings, parks, squares and streets turned into aesthetic art installations, each telling its own fascinating story. These stories are created by various artists, including Philippe Cotten, CozTen, who invites the public to experience the magic of the architectural sites.

I have chosen these light fixtures for their photometric qualities as well as their IP rating that guarantees that the installation will work in all weather conditions.

Philippe Cotten, "CozTen"

8-minute show, 700-meter stage view, 120 fixtures

CozTen is an author, director, multimedia designer and light sculptor who sees sites and public spaces as living entities, having been referred to as a "Site Awakener". He has participated in Fête des Lumières since 2006. In his "expressionist" approach he creates multimedia shows, where he combines light, color, sound, image, form and movement, taking the public on a journey to discover the aesthetic, cultural and symbolic dimensions of a place. This time he did it with his new creation Les Cueilleurs De Nuages, The Cloud Harvester.

The 8-minute show took place on the Fourvieres Hills, the historic heart of Lyon, following the adventure of a family of giants during their harvesting of clouds in order to water a flower of light, which symbolises the fragility of nature. The viewers had a 700-meter stage view, where they were able to contemplate the unique mix of light, video mapping, special effects and plastic art installations. All of these were achieved with the help of 120 lighting fixtures that turned Cueilleurs De Nuages into a huge success.

The vast majority of the fixtures used were P5s with a native lens of 15° for illuminating the top parts of the landscape. The rest were P10s and P6s, but also a dozen of Q7s for the close-distance throws, used to support the video projection of the giant cloud gathering and the emulated sun. SGM fixtures were a natural choice for this installation, as CozTen already knew the products well and valued them for both their reliability and great specifications. He used them previously in 2016 during this very festival, Fête des Lumières, at the same location, Collines de Fourvière.

CozTen continues working and experimenting with permanent and semi-permanent lighting on historic architectural sites and we are looking forward to enjoying his new creations.

Products used

P-5 fixtures with 15° and 43° native lenses, P-6 and P-10 with native 10° lenses, Q-7


Project Type: Architectural art installation

Lighting Designer: Phillippe Cotten "CozTen"

Video and pictures: Amalie Bredhal

Technical supplier: Sonoss Rental

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